Omeprazole equine direct

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Is your horse suffering from gastric ulcers? Try our Omeprazole equine direct solution, designed to target and treat equine stomach issues effectively.

With our high-quality formulation, your horse can experience relief and better digestive health.

Benefits of Omeprazole

Omeprazole is a powerful medication that provides numerous benefits for horses with gastric ulcers. By reducing the production of stomach acid, Omeprazole helps to heal and prevent ulcers, allowing your horse to feel more comfortable and perform at its best. Additionally, Omeprazole can help improve appetite, behavior, and overall well-being in horses suffering from gastric issues.

With Omeprazole, you can ensure that your horse receives the relief and support it needs to maintain optimal health and performance. Trust in Omeprazole to provide the relief your horse deserves!


Gastric ulcers are a common problem in horses, causing discomfort and affecting performance. Omeprazole equine direct provides relief from gastric ulcers, helping your horse feel better and perform at its best.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces stomach acid production
  • Heals and protects the stomach lining
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption

Relief from Gastric Ulcers

Gastric ulcers can be a painful and disruptive condition for horses. Omeprazole equine direct is formulated to provide relief from gastric ulcers in horses. With its targeted action on the stomach lining, Omeprazole helps to reduce the acidity in the stomach, allowing the ulcers to heal and preventing their recurrence.

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By using Omeprazole regularly as directed, horse owners can help maintain their horse’s digestive health and overall well-being. Say goodbye to the discomfort of gastric ulcers and provide your horse with the relief they deserve with Omeprazole equine direct.



Omeprazole Equine Direct oral paste formula is designed specifically for horses to provide targeted relief from gastric ulcers.

Key Features:

1. Targeted relief: The formula is tailored to address gastric ulcers in horses effectively.

2. Convenient application: The oral paste can be easily administered to horses for quick and efficient relief.

3. Palatable: Horses find the formula palatable, making it easier to ensure they receive their necessary dosage.

Don’t let gastric ulcers affect your horse’s well-being. Choose Omeprazole Equine Direct for effective relief.

Oral Paste Formula

The Omeprazole equine direct oral paste formula is specially designed for easy administration to horses. Each syringe contains a precise dosage of Omeprazole, ensuring accurate and effective treatment for gastric ulcers.

Precise Dosage

The oral paste formula delivers the exact amount of Omeprazole needed to block stomach acid production and promote healing of gastric ulcers. This targeted approach provides quick relief and lasting results for your horse’s digestive health.

Ease of Administration

The paste is easy to administer orally, making it convenient for horse owners and caregivers. Simply depress the plunger to release the paste into the horse’s mouth and ensure proper dosage delivery. With the oral paste formula, treating gastric ulcers in horses has never been simpler.

How It Works

How It Works

Omeprazole works by blocking the production of stomach acid. It belongs to a class of medications known as proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). When taken orally, omeprazole is absorbed into the bloodstream and accumulates in the acid-secreting cells of the stomach. It then inhibits the enzyme H+,K+-ATPase, which is responsible for pumping acid into the stomach.

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By blocking this enzyme, omeprazole reduces the amount of acid produced by the stomach, resulting in relief from symptoms of acid-related conditions such as gastric ulcers. Omeprazole is effective for both the treatment and prevention of ulcers, as well as for managing symptoms associated with excess stomach acid.

Blocking Stomach Acid

When a horse consumes Omeprazole, the active ingredient works by inhibiting the production of stomach acid. This helps in reducing the acidity level in the stomach, thereby providing relief from gastric ulcers and other related digestive issues.

Omeprazole acts as a proton pump inhibitor (PPI), which means it blocks the enzyme in the stomach wall that produces acid. By doing so, Omeprazole helps to create a more alkaline environment in the stomach, preventing the erosion of the stomach lining caused by excess acid.

Usage Instructions

1. Administer Omeprazole equine direct orally according to the recommended dosage for your horse’s weight.

2. Use the provided syringe to measure the appropriate amount of Omeprazole oral paste.

3. Feed the paste directly into the horse’s mouth or mix it with a small amount of food to ensure complete consumption.

4. Administer Omeprazole equine direct at the same time each day for the specified treatment duration.

5. Follow the instructions provided by your veterinarian or equine healthcare professional for optimal results.